Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Little Whinging

If you are a big Harry Potter fan like myself and Tor then you will know that 'Little Whinging" is a town in Surrey. Actually, I think it is a real place. In the last month I have thought that I lived in Little Whinging just for the amount of whinging I have had to endure. Its been relentless.

So putting the fantastic Mr Potter aside, this has been my morning and evenings for the last few weeks.

So where do I start?

I start with the moment I wake up to Tor clambering onto my bed with the delightfully amazing bright chirpy voice of  "Morning Mummy, what's for breakfast?". A good start. I already know the answer its going to be Weetabix. We go downstairs and Tor is already asking for the television to be on. Now this is a normal occurrence in our household that TV can be watched in the morning. The first problem though is getting dressed for school. Now we tried the laying out his clothes for him to get dressed whilst the television is on and this has resulted in me almost taking him to school with his pajamas on. So, the rule is the television gets turned off or paused whilst he gets dressed. This rule was imposed nearly two months ago but still every morning.......

"Muuuuummmmmyyyyyy, don't turn the tv off, I waaaaannnnnntt to watch the tv"

I have never ever given in to whiny moaning, so why on earth does he do it.......every morning! Without fail! In fact I only have to count to three to myself after I say to him its time to get dressed for the same words to come out of his mouth in the most annoying nasal whiny moaning sounding voice.

"Muuuuummmmmyyyyyy, don't turn the tv off, I waaaaannnnnntt to watch the tv"

Oh my word!

Fast forward to picking Tor up from after school club, we have had a nice chat, its all smiles then......

"Muuuuummmmmmyyyyyy, I neeeeeeeeeeed a drink, can we go to the shop?"
"Why can't we go to the shop, I neeeeeeeeeeed a drink!"

"Muuuuuummmmmmmyyyyy, I don't want to read my book when I get home!"

"Muuuuummmmmmmyyyy, my legs are sooooo tired!"

Ouch, my head is bursting.

Tor is a very happy, very bouncy energetic boy. I can cope with the boisterous behaviour (just about), I can cope with the energy, I can even cope with the slip up every so often of being rude.

I cannot cope with whinging.

I only hope this is the phase of a six year old.

I am still not giving in. I am far too stubborn for that!

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