Saturday, 22 March 2014

My little mad scientist - spy style

Tor has been asking for ages to make some spy gadgets. After an early morning wake up from him and playing vets whilst he was adorned in his Doctors coat he turned round and said, "actually Mummy this coat makes me look like a scientist!"

I did my normal Saturday morning clean up of the house and then we sat down and finally started to make some spy gadgets. We cut. We got tangled up with sellotape and then it was time to go into work so we left the piles of paper and went to work for a few hours. I am very lucky that Tor really enjoys coming to work with me and both of my bosses are very welcoming to him.

One of the things that Tor was very determined on was to utilise the work printer to print out some pictures of grappling hooks. So we did this before returning home.

After the mad dash outside to retrieve my damp washing from the garden (sudden downfall of rain!) We again sat down and Tor was very adamant that today was the day to make the best spy gadgets of all time.

So still with the scientist/vet/doctors coat on and in a sellotape frenzy we came up with a watch that shoots out lasers and a "Super Spy Rucsac" that has its own grappling hook!

We had a lot of fun, but the fun had only just started.

As Tor was now a scientist he decided that he had to test out all of his new gadgets which I had to admit was definitely the thing that all good scientists do. So I came up with the idea of filming Tor during his testing. The filming had us in hysterics. I was so proud of my boy and you can see in the films below how much fun he had!

Super Spy Rucsac - Test 1

Super Spy Rucsac - Test 2

Super Spy Rucsac - The Strength Test

The Laser Watch - How it works

The Laser Watch - In action

So there you are in a nutshell, the fun we have on a Saturday. Happy Tor, Happy Mummy

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