Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Talking of fairies

Six o'clock this morning and I hear Tor's alarm clock issuing its current tune of 'Happy Birthday To You'!

I realise that I have fallen asleep on the sofa

I hear the gentle thud of him getting out of bed and going into my bedroom followed by "Mummy, muuuummmmy, are you downstairs?" I manage to wake myself up enough to say "U-huh".

The graceful patter of a herd of elephants then echoes through the house as he trundles down the stairs and he appears at the living room door clutching his puppy dog (teddy borrowed from Grandma).

After asking very nicely if he can put the television on he squeezes himself onto the sofa and I am immediately awake with the sound of the Wot Wots whilst I try my best to open my eyes.

I have to admit it takes me to at least 6.45 before I am awake and coherent. Tor turns the television off and decides that what I need is for him to put his One Direction CD on at full whack and dance around in his superman onesie!

It did make me smile.

After the normal morning routine of Tor eating his Weetabix whilst watching Ben and Holly, me having a shower and shouting downstairs at least fifteen times for him to get his school uniform on, I then go downstairs to do the final push to get us out the door. We have managed to get to the stage where coats and shoes go on he says....

"Mummy, can we make a fairy house?"

So in true tired Mummy style whilst physically pushing him out of the front door I mutter the likes of  "yes of course we can honey when we get home".

The school run and walk to work goes as normal, a busy day engulfs me and before I know it its six pm and we are walking home backwards singing 'you can fly, you can fly' from Disney's Peter Pan film. We get in the door both ravenous and I am picking up the trail of coats, gloves, shoes and book bag that have suddenly littered the floor.

" this fairy house, where should we make it?"

Woah, its 6.15pm, I am tired, I am hungry, I have just stepped on some lego!

I am trying to remember....Postive Me, Positive Tor, Positive Life whilst my stomach is shouting 'food, food, food'!

So I clear the kitchen floor, I put down the plastic sheets, I get out all the glitter, paint, glue, sticky on things. Ask Tor to put on his pj's so he doesn't get paint on his school uniform. Boil the kettle, get the frozen beans out, get the smash ready, put the oven on, stick in the quiche. Pick up Tor's pants and socks, put them in the washing machine, put his pj's back the right way round whilst he stands on his head giggling.

Tor is enjoying himself. I just want food.

Dinners on.

Together we put all the different glitters in a pot and add some white paint. He starts painting. The beans bubble over. We mix in red and he loves the pink it makes. He paints some more. He adds green and orange. We have made a poo colour. He thinks its hilarious.

And then...."Mummy, it needs a sign post!" Well yes, it most certainly does. We find card, we find a pencil. He cuts, he draws, he glues and sticks.

I turn round from the oven and he is sitting there beaming from ear to ear.

"Mummy, do you think the fairies will like this?"

Oh yes I do. What a proud Mummy. I am not hungry anymore. All I want to do is shout to the world about how amazing my little boy is.

         "Mummy.........when is dinner ready?"

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