Monday, 20 January 2014

We Made It! - 20th January 2014

Wow! So this my first post to link up to my new "We Made It" blog hop.

So I am going to start with the subject of Lego and Dinasours! These are two of Tors favourite subjects and this evening both subjects intermingled when I heard the cry of "Mummy lets make a dinasour out of lego!"

Superb idea I thought and the lego is spread out on a sheet on the floor.......

Tor then starts straight away at the building hunched over on his knees and I cannot see what he is up to. He keeps looking over at me and asking, "what are you building mummy?"

I love building random things but I have to say I was lost for ideas this evening. I then took out my trusty phone and googled 'make a lego dinasour'. Oh google how I love you sometimes!

I found this!

Due to the very random lego that we have acquired of the years I did build it with different colours!

And the end result after a bit of tinkering from Tor................

Tor then revealed his dinasour which I thought was amazing because he just used his own imagination!

We Made It!

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