Sunday, 6 October 2013

3 years of ups and downs

I was reminded today that I have been a single mummy for 3 years now.
Personally I cannot quite believe how quickly those three years have passed by and in a way I am quietly glad as the bad times have been pretty bad.
Being a parent in any situation is very tough. The bad times for a loving couple are as tough as those of a single parent.  I belong to a few single parent groups and unfortunately alot of the parents there make assumptions that it would be easier if there were two of you. I really dont think that is the case.  Every situation gives out completely different obstacles so we shouldn't be so quick to make assumptions.
Anyway,  I digress!  The reason of this blog was for me to look back and make myself realise that all the heartache, stress and sleepless nights of 3 years was nowhere as bad as the year that preceeded them.
I do always see myself as a glass half full kind of person.  I think this helps;  but what helps is knowing that your going in the right direction. That today is always better than yesterday and tomorrow is full of much promise.
Two or three weeks ago myself and my boy started a big uphill struggle together. Emotions have been high in our household.  We have had a lot of support from family,  friends and my sons school. 
I have faced very tough times at work.  My boy has had problems with containing his emotions. We have both had the heartache of being let down once again by someone that is a big part of our lives.
We both have dug deep and clung on together.  This week I would say has been one of the most constantly happiest weeks for a long while.
So I suppose if at least one week in three is amazing. .......Yes I can cope with the crap!
Remember everyone, lights at the end of the tunnels can seem a long way away but as long as you can see them then they are there.
So happy happy anniversary of being a happy happy mummy.

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