Thursday, 17 October 2013

My boy

My boy, he's definitely got character.

When leaving the school grounds the other day he decided to show me in the middle of the pavement that he can do press-ups.
I am jealous, never been able to do them properly and here is a 5 year old doing about ten perfect press-ups getting wet hands due to the rain.

Well at least I know he's strong.

My boy, he's definitely got imagination.

This morning he decided he wanted to fly to school so requested that we get down his precious angel bag and use his fairy dust. His angel bag is a small bag that he received after being blessed at the Goddess Temple when he was small. An amazing lady, Georgina conducted his blessing for us. His favourite item in the bag being his fairy dust. 
So off we went this morning and his face was sparkling, along with his school jumper! 

I cannot say he actually flew but I had to cycle quite fast to keep up with him.

I know that all 5 year olds are amazingly active and I do not believe my son to be any more active than his peers, but does anyone else wake up to load thus two or three times a night because their child has yet again fallen out of bed?

This week, whilst investigating said thuds, I have gone into his room to find him:
1) Asleep on the floor no duvet
2) Asleep on the floor with duvet
3) Asleep on the floor the opposite way round to how he lies in bed
4) Asleep with head on bed, bottom on floor
5) Lying on the floor giggling to himself
6) Asleep on the floor a good few feet away from his feet

Quite glad he is choosing to sleep in the bottom bunk.

Maybe the fairy dust does actually work?

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