Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Things I have learnt

Its been a long time since my last post.  There are a few reasons for this.
1) We went on holiday
2) We returned from holiday and my son was not amusing
3) My son continued to be trying
4) Work was busy
5) My son decided to be wingy
Its very difficult to write a light hearted post about a five year old when you would like to put him on a box and send him to Scotland using City Link.  I say City Link because they can be prone to mislay important packages but in this situation would be a bonus.
Its been a trying few weeks so I thought I would share with you the things I have learnt during this period.
1) Letting your son each cherries before a hot car journey results in him sitting on the verge in his pants whilst you unpack the carefully packed luggage to find clean clothes
2) 5 year olds fencing with foam foils results in sore stomach muscles due to continuous laughing. If you ever go to Butlins you should try it.
3)  My son does not know how to play tag
4) Banning television completely not only punishes my sons bad behaviour but also punishes me for being too uptight
5) My son's school deal with bad behaviour in a very professional and good manner
6) My strimmer sounds like a vacuum cleaner...........After strimming my lawn I used the brush to gather up the cut grass from my pathway
Son asks, has the vacuum cleaner broken? I asked why he thought that and he replied "you were vacuuming the grass before but now your having to use the brush instead,  did you brake it?"
7) My son can eat two Weetabix and a pear and still be hungry
8) I can eat 4 Tunnocks tea cakes and not feel sick
9) I love the fact thay my son is not good all the time as it is teaches me to help him understand right and wrong
10) I love the fact that my son is not always good as I have lots of support that was not always noticed
I leave you with the last thing my son said to me this evening.
"Mummy you would be good at bring a speedboat if you were Elastagirl"

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