Thursday, 23 May 2013

Endangered and Extinct

Whilst walking to school this morning my son stated "I would like to help save some endangered animals"

On asking if he new what endangered meant he answered my question with a very good explanation.

"Endangered means if there is not many animals left because people keep killing them. I am going to draw a picture of a saber toothed tiger and write on it. Please help me save this endangered animal it is a saber tooth tiger"

This was followed by lots of saber tooth tiger noises.

After a while I asked him what animals are endangered? His response was "Tigers, Pandas, Polar Bears and Parrots".

I asked "isn't there lots of parrots in the rain forest? To which he replied "No mummy because people keep chopping down the trees where they live so they can make camp fires and have holidays in the rain forest"

After lots of chopping down tree noises and continuous tiger noises we went on to discuss the meaning of Extinct. To my suprise he knew what this meant as well. He only knew about Dinasours being extinct so I described the Do Do to him to which he said, "no wonder they are extinct if they were fat and couldnt fly, I would be able to catch one of those birds myself even when I wasn't batman!"

He ran into his before school club still being a saber tooth tiger and I walked to work wondering when did Batman come into this?

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