Friday, 14 June 2013

Sometimes a treat goes a long way

Myself and my boy have had a "just getting through it" week so I decided to give us both a treat this evening.
We watched Madagascar 3 (very weird film) and I let him have anything out of his treat drawer for dinner.
After half a chocolate bar and a couple of haribo he announced "Mummy I am still hungry but I want something sensible to eat".
After picking myself  up off the floor I made him a proper dinner (end of my treat of being lazy!).
I have just put him to bed with 3 stories but the biggest treat of all for him was that I let him keep his school uniform on in bed!
I would never have thought of saying to him "as a treat today you can stay in your clothes and eat sensible food" and that probably wouldn't of worked.
The treat for him was that he got to decide for himself what his treat would be.
Another lesson learnt by mummy.

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