Monday, 24 June 2013

Realising what is important

Its amazing that witnessing events, taking part in different activities and reading can all accumulate into   "realising what is important"

I have felt myself moving in the right direction in life for a little while but I have had a week where everything has seemed to have a reason and has pointed me to a way of thinking that has resulted in least until I get tired, hungry and have a hard to cope with 5 year old.

The photo I have posted is of simple graffiti that I found when walking around Penzance when visiting my father. I do not agree with graffiti but this has stuck with me for so long and it seemed to be the best way of explaining this blog post.

My son has been having yo-yo behaviour which I have found very difficult to deal with in a positive way. Then a fantastic single parent community on Facebook posted a blog by a lady that swore not to shout or scream at her children for a whole year. Bang.....that one hit me. I am not going to even try doing that but if I even tried to have one part of the day where I do this then that's half an hour of feeling calm.

The blog mentioned deep breathing and stepping outside of the room. I think of my son as a dancing warthog (cant wait to blog about his forth coming school assembly) and do you know what? I didn't shout even when I was told he had been caught doing something naughty.
..............Thank you to the ladies blog and thank you to school for making my son a dancing warthog.

Full time work as a single parent is tough and tiring. God its tough and tiring enough even if you haven't got kids or if you have a supportive partner! But wow, "Fat Fridays" and listening to a work colleague describe a TV programme about designing sex toys just gets you through the week. I am lucky I have a really good team around me that even in the most stressful of situations one of us is crying with laughter which is infectious.

I had a weekend to myself thanks to my lovely sister taking great care of my boy. I went to an amazing music festival with lots of amazing people. There were people there that I see quite frequently and people I hadn't seen for years. People that I have a complicated past with and some that I had never met. I spoke to everyone, built bridges with my complicated past and didn't get home til 4 in the morning.
I saw the friendships and support in so many forms between groups of people that have music in common.
The music was amazing and I came home with a CD album and t shirt that I have been waiting years to get.

So I wake up this morning (a little late) and whilst making honey on toast I remember that my sons uniform is still not dry, there is a customer visit at work and my shirt is not ironed.

Whilst my boy is rambling on about how he actually would have liked jam......... I pictured that little warthog dancing to a track called Drifters by The Deadites, planned what rubbish I would eat on fat Friday and smiled.

Live Life or Die.  I am definitely living my life in the best way I can.

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