Tuesday, 7 May 2013

TV Tokens

After what I admit to be a trying few days with my son, I have decided to take control of the situation.

This has involved talking to him about his behaviour and discussing what is "good" and what is "naughty" 
Together we have created the TV Tokens Game which means that he starts with 30 minutes worth of TV Tokens every morning. This shows him that we start every day a new and it is always assumed that he will have a "good" day. We have both decided not to have the TV on in the morning so we have lots of audio books ready for him to listen to whilst I am getting the morning jobs done.

Throughout the day I am able to give extra tokens or take tokens away dependant on his behaviour.

My son helped me to decide on the rules of the game and then signed his name at the bottom of each sheet to say he agreed. By the end he was excited about starting tomorrow morning.

I personally struggle when he starts to exhibit behaviour that I don't agree with. His main problem is not listening and not concentrating on what he is doing. This involves the simplest of things of standing or sitting still for his own safety which is hard to control on a very active little boy.

I definitely feel more positive as I feel that I have taken control over the situation. Lets see how much TV he gets to watch after dinner tomorrow!

On a lighter note due to his very good behaviour and conduct last week at school he was "Pride Pal" at school today which in his eyes was great as he was 1st in the hot dinners queue. In turn meaning he held up lots of hungry children whilst he decided between fish fingers and pizza!

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