Friday, 10 May 2013

Lego Conversation

Whilst playing with piles of Lego this evening we had so much fun, bedtime was nearly 40 minutes later than usual.

Our conversation went a bit like this........

Tor : "I'm going to make a jail"
Me : "Great Idea"
Tor : "Mummy, I'm totally on it"
Me "You're on it"
Tor : "Yeah totally on it, I'm on it, on it, on it"
Me : "I'm glad your on it"
Tor : "On it on it on it.... Mummy what are you doing?"
Me : "Fixing your star wars ship, I'm looking for this brick"
Tor : "Found it, you see mummy I'm totally on it,
Me : " You are definitely on it"
Tor : "Totally"


Tor "What does totally on it mean?"
Me : Cant talk for laughing!

I have now linked this blog up with I love this concept and thank you for the opportunity

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