Saturday, 4 May 2013

Hearing but not listening and using maths to your own advantage

Having a day with my son feeling full of cold but still just about ok (and realising that Truckfest doesn't start till Sunday) I decided we would have a "mooching" day.

"Mooching" meaning doing what we fancy but nothing too strenuous.

The day started with watching a film whilst eating weetabix. I told my son I was going to have a shower, I didn't get an answer. 10 minutes later I received a shout coming from downstairs...."Mummy, where are you?"
Later, it took 5 attempts of shouting for him to go upstairs to find pants and socks.

Later, it took 5 attempts of stern talking to get him to sit down on the bus.

Later, it took 5 attempts of trying not to laugh to get him to stop walking in to people whilst in town (he was holding an ice cream at the time)

Its 3pm and I get the impression that he is hearing me but just not listening.

After falling asleep on the bus home (we had a lovely time bowling by the way) I realised that he maybe was a little under the weather and agreed that being cuddled up on the sofa watching films was a great idea. We watched Treasure Planet followed by Bambi 2.

I then managed to encourage him to read his school book which I must say he did very well and I was very proud.

Fast approaching bedtime he asked for another film which I replied "but Tor you have already watched 3 films today". After a moments pause he gave me a wide grin and held up 3 fingers. "Mummy if I was allowed watch one more film....." followed by another finger being held up ".....that would make 4"

Very proud of his obvious mathematics skills I tickled him until he couldn't take anymore and ushered him to bed.

Lets hope he takes Maths at school just as seriously!

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