Saturday, 3 May 2014

Why museum visits are essential in a childs life

When you see a childs eyes open wide with wonder. When you see them running from exhibit to glass case to sign. When you kneel down and talk to them about about what they are looking at. When they question. When they imagine.

As a mother it is the most amazing feeling.

This is why museum visits are essential in a childs life.

We have just returned from a visit to The Natural History Muesum in London. We have been meaning to go for a while and my gosh it was worth the wait.

I have been many times as a child and I had taken Tor before when he was three years old but now at six it was as if a whole new world had opened up to him. With his new reading skills and his amazing knowledge of dinosaurs he was in his absolute element.

It was fantastic to see so many families, so many children opening their minds an hearts to the possibilities of the world. It is a must for all children growing up.

If you have not yet taken your child to any museum then please do so. You will be astounded by the information they soak up and you will all leave as different people. Support your local museum, go to one that blows your mind.

I cannot wait to go again. An amazing day.

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