Friday, 11 April 2014

How do you show your child how proud you are of them?

When a reward chart is not big enough, when a hug cannot last long enough, how do you show your child how proud you are of them?

Today was my last day at work until after the Easter weekend. Myself and Tor have ten whole days off together. I am so excited!

When being off work for such a long time I always hope that I can leave my desk knowing I have covered as much as possible and not leave any of my colleagues in the lurch. We have all been so busy at work and I have certain jobs that have to be done on a Friday.

So, today at 4pm I knew I was not going to get everything done. Luckily I have fantastic employees and organised a lift to collect Tor just before six and bring him back to work so I could finish everything off.

Tor astounded me. He understood straight away that I needed to work, he did not moan, he did not question it.

1) Played on the CBeebies website on the desk next to me
2) Drew on a spare whiteboard and rubbed everything out afterwards
3) Read
4) Made himself a drink
5) Played with my boss for an hour (told you they were lovely people!)

He was amazing. We were there for nearly two hours. We did not get home until 8 o'clock. There was not one bad thing I could say about his behaviour or attitude.

He astounded me.

I have told him I am proud. I gave him so many hugs. I told him again how proud I was.

At six years old I do not think he realises how amazing this is, that how he has helped so many people at my work because I was able to get on and finish appropriately before our holiday.

How do you show your child how proud you are? Sometimes hugs, kind word and reward charts just do not do it justice.

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