Monday, 21 October 2013

This one IS about me

I am getting this growing realisation that people are actually reading my blog. By this I mean people other than my friends and family. Either this or my sister is very kindly linking to my blog reading a post, closing it and doing it again and again. (Thank you if you are!)

Therefore, I thought I would introduce myself a little bit more so that those who do not know me personally will get a better insight into my sporadic posts.

First and foremost I am the mother of Tor. A lively, nearly six year old. Hence my blog name Torsmum.

I am a mid 30's single mother. I work full time.

In my own thoughts I am a free thinking, earth loving, tree hugger who loves punk music and thinks she can still hack it going out drinking with 20 somethings on a Tor free night.

Realistically I go to work and pay my taxes. I haven't hugged a tree since I was about 15 years old with my dad. 

I do love punk music, very loud, when I am doing housework.

I cannot hack going out drinking with 20 somethings on a Tor free night although I do have a great time trying.

My family and friends mean a great deal to me. They are all so different and view the world through different eyes. I value that in all of them and even if I do not agree with all of their thoughts or actions; I can honestly say that that is a very good thing. They are my support structure and I would not be the person I am without them.

I come from a very loving family. The best thing about growing up to me was having such a varied lifestyle. I have so many memories of different people in different places - maybe that should be a new blog post.

I am a far from perfect mother; but that's good. Who would want life to be perfect? How would you learn, how would you grow, how would you help others to learn and grow?
I do not strive for perfection, I strive for happiness, for liking myself and living with no regrets.

I do have an ongoing battle with regrets. I tell myself that I have no regrets in life because I am who I am due to events in my life. But, the not so great events in your life do creep up on you every so often in the middle of the night or when you hear a particular song on the radio. Are they really regrets or was it that I am ashamed of how I acted at a particular time? It is very important not to dwell on those things as for so many of those thoughts there is not anything you can physically do about them. Mentally you can learn from them and grow as a person so that next time you look back its not shame you are seeing.

Anyway, I digress.....

I enjoy being a mother.......about 96% of the time. The other 4% I am having nightmares about when I need to remember his PE Kit, have I paid for his football club, did he wash his teeth this morning?

I enjoy working full time.......about 93% of the time. The other 7% I am having nightmares about forgetting Tors water bottle in the morning, forgetting my rain coat and its chucking it down at 5pm when I need to cycle to collect Tor.

I enjoy being me and I am loving doing this blog. I hope that it continues and my new readers get as much out of it as I do.

Thank you for reading.

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