Thursday, 2 May 2013

Poo Pies

When collecting my son from his after school club I find him looking sheepish and rather dirty.

As soon as he asked me if he was allowed to ask TV tonight I realised that some monkey business had occurred.

Ingeniously my son and a friend had found a way of lifting up a drain in the playground so they could reach the sticky mud....when asked why he did it I received the reply "but Mummy we wanted to make Poo Pies"

Its very hard not to laugh so after biting my lip so hard I found out that the great staff had already spoken to him and discussed the reasons why it was not a good idea.

I cant help but (silently) applaud the imagination he has.

Bath time was interesting but a squeaky clean boy by the end of it.

Lets hope the Poo Pie idea has run its course but look forward to the next insight into my sons reasoning and imagination.

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