Monday, 20 May 2013

It's amazing

It's amazing that his feet are too tired to walk to school but he can do somersaults off the furniture.

It's amazing he can read that his favourite television programme is on but three words in a book elude him.

It's amazing that he is no where near hungry enough to eat an apple but just enough room in his tummy for Haribo.

It's amazing when I tell him its his head thats skewwiff not his super hero mask.......He checks his head

It's amazing that he cannot find his favourite bow and arrow but my leg finds it when I crawl into my bed.

It's amazing that he cannot remember where his pants and socks are kept but he can find is red Power Ranger within seconds.

It's amazing I have a red lego brick in my handbag - It has been there a week

It's amazing that if I take his Power Ranger disk to work with me that I get "special concentrating powers"

It's amazing that I cannot use the dinner table as it is currently a tent

It's amazing that the expertly organised lego is now expertly not organised

Amazing..........Good and bad.........He amazes me every day.

I cannot help but be happy about that.

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