Monday, 11 January 2016

A week at a time - Space Camp - Week 1 2016

I recently wrote a post on how I want to build on being a better parent. Following from this I am challenging myself to take 2016 a week at a time. A themed week at a time!

Why not? As a family we made the decision to stop working full time so I could provide support guidance and fantastic fun to my boy. So with a little planning ahead, I am going to ensure the time I have  Tor is full of wonder and experience.

Week #1 - Space Camp

Tor was unaware when he went to school on the Monday morning what was planned. He did not know until lunch time when he opened his lunch box to find a space themed lunch including a note. The note told him about Space Camp and also gave him a fact about space.

After school we started our adventure by going to the library to find pace related fiction and non-fiction books. We then came home for wellies, hats and gloves and a fantastic sky tracer that he had received as a gift for his birthday.

We  went to a nearby field in the darkness and flew the sky tracer. The air was filled with "awesome" and "oh yeah" and "did you see how high that went?" We talked about how it flew up and spiralled down. Tor tried to estimate where he should stand to get it to land in a certain space.

We stayed outside until our noses were cold and our wellies felt like ice around our toes.

In our new regime Tor had 45 minutes of screen time whilst I got dinner ready and then he set the table. As a family we have decided on no television through dinner and Tor has to wait until everyone has finished until he can get himself a treat or pudding. He is adapting very well to this and we have already seen a great improvement in his table manners.

Tuesday included another space themed lunch box with a space joke note. After school (with some green and blue sparkly play dough I had made) we set to make a planet with the play dough and some of hi stone collection. Once built he played with his star wars pods and mini world aliens on the planet. You are never too old for play dough!

We also made some 'meteorite' cakes. Which were indeed normal rock cakes, but to Tor these were extra special. I have to admit they were very yummy and Mr A is hoping that we make some more very soon .

Wednesday saw an alien party with some of his favourite creatures. We played space tiddly winks and Star Wars Angry Bird Jenga, both fantastic Christmas gifts. Tor read one of his space library books to his favourite teddy - Pikachu and then asked for a disco for his toys. So the disco light came out and we boomed out some music to dance to.

Thursday found us at a soft play centre which he loved and gave me some much need exercise followed by making some extremely yummy "planet pops" which we are still eating as treats.

Fridays lunch is Tor's and Mr A's favourite as they get mini pizzas and chicken nuggets. Fridays after school activity was my favourite as I introduced Tor to stop and go animation.
Tor decided on a Star Wars film again using his pods and some of his stone collection.
Tor was so excited to show Mr A when he came home from work, and we are both very pleased to share with you the video......

Saturday, Tor was with his Daddy  although he did manage to eat two of the planet pops we managed to make earlier in the week! Sunday, Tor spent a long time playing with his lego and having a lazy pajama day. So I finished the week off with a lego man lunch.
We have had a fantastic week and Tor spent a lot of Sunday evening asking what the next week would have in store for him. No clues were given - I've not planned that far ahead!
I have been posting pictures of the different activities we have been doing on Instagram and Twitter so if you fancy following our weekly progress then feel free to take a look. Please use the buttons at the top right of my blog and they will take you straight there!

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