Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Tors Lunch Box - Tuesday 17th November 2015

Today I asked Tor if there was anything particular he would like in his lunch box. Did he have any particular favourites?

He asked for another tortilla "book" but in a Star Wars theme, specifically with a Millennium Falcon on it.

I explained that maybe this was a little bit passed my artistic skills he decided that an ancient scroll would be great.......

So, Tor has a Tortilla Ancient scroll that has in it cream cheese and salami. The scroll is tied together using an apple flavoured Yoyo (fruit string made by Bear).

He has pineapple and strawberries for his fruit. A helping of cucumber and black olives.

For a treat I have put in the rest of the Yoyo and a flapjack.

What do you think?

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