Monday, 8 June 2015

A letter to Tor - Last Thursday

Dear Tor
Last Thursday I could have cried due to my disappointment in you. I want to shout out "why?". Why would you have behaved tha
Yes, I do realise you are only seven years old and you are learning about life, about right from wrong. And, yes, there are so many blurred lines in life that it is easy to cross them without meaning to, without any malice meant.
We have been through so much together you and I. We have witnessed anger and sorrow. We have battled against emotions that you found hard to understand and we have won every battle you and I, every hill has been climbed when we have been a team.
Last Thursday I felt alone. I felt I had let you down. I had not managed to teach you the right way. You had broken my trust and the trust of a friend. How did this happen?
I wanted to be the team that worked hard to be great but I struggled to see a way to do this.
I shouted at you.
I told you what was wrong with the decision you made.
We agreed on consequences and now on Tuesday evening those consequences continue.
I am still very sad as I have lost a little of the great amount of trust I have in you and I know it will take a long time until that small amount of trust is rebuilt.
t way? You did something that I felt so angry about.
Last Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and today I have felt so proud of you. You have shown me your strength. You have made me smile and laugh.
We have talked like old friends. We have walked together hand in hand. You have been older than your years at times.
You have stood up and acknowledged where you fell. You have showed me that you understand what happened.
You have not moaned at the consequences you face.
You have been positive in times where I have been negative.
I have learnt from you how to stop, how to say "yes I did make a bad decision, but look at what I can do to change this".
I feel such love for the man you are becoming.
It is a shame that through life we must witness the weakness to be able to see the strength. That is how life is. You have shown me such strength that has outweighed the disappointment that I felt last Thursday.
I am very proud of you and I will always love you.
Together let us try not to have any more 'last Thursday's'. Let's have more 'this weeks'. If you promise me you will try, I promise you I will always be here to keep your amazing strength going.
All my love.
Mummy x

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