Friday, 31 January 2014

Jobs for every day

Tor is always talking about when he grows up. This morning whilst walking to school he started a conversation that made me think about how I saw my future as a young child.

I have to say that I probably did not tell my parents that I wanted to be a supervisor for a company that repaired floor cleaning machines!

My sister was always determined to be a teacher and that is exactly what she has done. I am very proud of her for this. She had a goal and went for it.

I would like to think that Tor's ideas for his future will come true for him but maybe this mornings ideas are a bit far fetched!

Tor has decided that he will have numerous jobs. In fact he is going to have a different job for each day of the week.

"Mummy on a Monday I am going to be a Police Man but then I want to be a Vet but that will mean a very busy day as I will have to help lots and lots of animals that get caught in the rubbish people drop on the floor. But I will need to make sure I have time to help keep alive some special pets that my son would like to keep."

"On a Tuesday I will be a Fireman but only in the morning because in the afternoon I will come and visit you."
So I ask him where will he visit me. Won't I be at work?
"No Mummy, you will be at home because you will be an old lady, but it is OK because I will come and make you a cup of tea".

"On a Wednesday I will be running my Toy shop that is just open for my family and friends but especially for my son so he gets to choose what ever toy he would like. When the shop shuts I will take him home and his Mummy will make us dinner, I think we will have cheese and onion sandwiches because we both like them a lot,"

" I will take my son to school on Thursday and whilst he is there I will practice doing a puppet show so I can do the puppet show when he gets home and then we will watch lots of films together."

"On Friday I will take my son to Church because that's important and then we will spend the rest of the day playing in the toy shop"
(Church? Where did that come from?)

I ask him, "so what about the weekend? What fun things will you get up to then?

"Oh Mummy, I think I will be tired after that week!"

I just hope he has a very supportive partner that does not seem to get a look in! Maybe she will get to choose what to do at the weekend?

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