Sunday, 10 November 2013

Male Role Models

As you may have noticed from my previous blogs I am a single parent of a rather active six year old boy.

His access to his Daddy is not as often as I would have hoped and sometimes unfortunately he is not the greatest male role model.

I personally thing it is very important that Tor has a very balanced life of both female and male interaction. It is important especially to a boy that he gets time with adult males especially as he gets older. The voice in my head often shouts out (very loudly at times) "one day he will be taller and stronger than you". If when he reaches this stage that I am still a single mummy then I need to know that he has grown up with the correct boundaries that help him make good decisions in his life.

We are both extremely lucky to have lots of very good Male role Models for Tor to look up to and all of them are very different. Tor has grown up around many different people all from very different walks of life and all with different views of the world around us.

I want to thank all the men in Tors life, they all have such a big impact in his evolution.

So to all strong male role models out there, to all men that take that extra five minutes to spend time with a young boy I salute you as you are making such a difference.

To Daddy's, to Grandads, to Uncles, to special friends, Tor and I love you very much and you make a difference no matter how often or how little you see him.

Might I add..............I won the 2nd bowling game!

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